• Tokens 100000
  • Est. Value 5
  • Ends In {"year":2019,"month":1,"day":16}
  • Validation 100% Real


Required Tools :

1. Register the account :


The Litecoin airdrop will be given to the first 20,000 registrants and other airdrops are still coming to take more registrants as we are still discussing partnerships with other tokens.
Register your account and activate by clicking the email. (If you already have an account just go to next step).
Click the “Tweet” button on the page right after the email activation or can also be found on the “My Account” page after login. The tweet button leads you to tweet your affiliate link. We recommend you do not edit the tweet.
Wait for about 5 mins for our bot to detect your tweet after which you will get email containing your bonus code. This is the code required for you to claim your airdrop bonus. Your bonus code can also be found on the “My Account” page from the menu if you have not received via email.
Join the SatoExchange telegram group where we have the SatoExchangeBot to help you get your bonus
Final step is to type /getbonus <your bonus code> to the group and you will get your bonus credited. Example if your bonus is GBF667E65TDG, you would type /getbonus GBF667E65TDG

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